Business mentor Zhu Bo Shenzhen began business barometer


management activities like a raging fire, but the financing market is facing a great winter, many investors are reluctant to invest in pocket holding. How can we create an ideal investor entrepreneurial projects, access to investors favor, the majority of entrepreneurs are thinking about the problem.

now in the financing of winter, how to get angel investors and venture capital favored? P2P, O2O, electricity providers, these investors or mind? What kind of entrepreneurial projects will be welcomed by them? Yesterday, organized by Baoan District publicity department, Baoan District Bureau of science and technology innovation, Shenzhen newspaper group crystal newspaper, Baoan District Economic Promotion Bureau, CO invest Baoan District, Baoan District occupation ability development bureau "the creation of · new Baoan" fourteenth famous speeches on the special Zhou Baoan Jing Bao, innovation Valley incubator fund founder are dreamers & his answer: do a good job in the industry vertical, you may also be able to create a Alibaba.

2012, from HUAWEI to resign the innovation Valley incubator &, founder of the dream fund, Zhu Bo, the blood of the entrepreneurial venture is activated again. But he did not choose to become entrepreneurs, but became an investor. In this regard, he said: "I can no longer create a Tencent, it is impossible to create a business empire like Alibaba. In the tide of entrepreneurship, I have retired, I still do the coaches."

for the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen four entrepreneurs, Zhu Bo stressed that Shenzhen people out of ideas, tell the story in the Beijing people’s thinking, to Shanghai polished business model, moved to Guangzhou, is the best combination of entrepreneurship among. Among them, the most important is the idea, and this is precisely the advantage of Shenzhen. China today recommend

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