An analysis of the unique advantages of Chongqing street in old city street

Chongqing is the time when the whole Chinese people are familiar with? Presumably, CCTV large food culture documentary on the tip of the tongue "China" after the broadcast, the delicious Chongqing small noodles are reflected fully and delightfully have not eaten, let people want to taste the unique flavor of Chongqing small noodles. Since the famous Chongqing small face, Chongqing has repeatedly selected ten small facet of Chongqing. With the popularity of the national food and beverage snack food market, and now many of the top ten small Chongqing have launched a franchise model, attracting a large number of small investment entrepreneurs. Chongqing side to join the top ten which make money? Reporters in Chongqing market access to the small surface, the old city street Chongqing small business opportunities, hot profit, get rich worry free!

Chongqing small noodles and Chongqing has become a "Hot pot as an important symbol of urban life in the mountain city", has become an integral part of life in chongqing. With the following street snack was moved on the screen that moment, Chongqing has become a small facet of the culture, has become a lot of entrepreneurs looking for opportunities to get rich. Old city street Chongqing noodles to join a unique taste to meet the needs of people’s food, but the investment cost is small, is a good project to make money.

then join the old city street, Chongqing, what are the unique advantages of small?.

market potential – the old town street, Chongqing is a health industry, repeat consumption, market development so that you have a stable source of customers, at the same time in line with the increasingly accelerated pace of life;

product flavor – old city street Chongqing unique formula, unique flavor, so that you have a strong market competition;

simple operation – the old city street Chongqing master the core technology to reduce the demand and dependence on the chef, increase the success rate of their own shop;

no chef operation – the old city street Chongqing noodles without a chef, a week to learn a full set of technology, easy to operate, low-risk venture rich!

policy — old city street Chongqing small noodles from a single store operation to the regional agency, let your business unlimited extension;

to share the success of the old city street, Chongqing, a direct reference to the national side of the success of the alliance store model, so that the franchisee low-risk join.

The theme of the food industry

Old Town Street opposite the concept of Chinese Chongqing small noodles with innovation, create pasta industry culture museum, and to improve the image of the noodle shop level to another level, change the mass of consumers across the common low-end impression. Old city street Chongqing people from the product, service, tableware, decoration, spare no effort to seek the differentiation of the competition, and strive to achieve a comprehensive innovation, the establishment of Chongqing small industry standards, leading the industry >

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