The Spring Festival travel to take the high speed rail signal not coverage all around the islan

in modern life, we can not do without the phone, but a mobile phone in the hands of less traffic, for many young people is almost blind! Spring Festival travel to take the high-speed rail signal is not good, Hainan high-speed rail around the island 4G coverage, to Hainan holiday leisure friends have benefits! The reporter learned from the railway authorities in Hainan, from the beginning of spring 2017, Hainan high-speed rail around the island first in the country to achieve the 4G signal coverage across the board, passengers in a high-speed EMU can be very smooth to phone and internet.

According to Jiang Yingliang, general manager of the Ministry of planning and construction of Hainan Unicom, the mobile phone users in high-speed EMU operating speed of more than 100km/ hours or more, there will be frequent switching sites, call off the , such as the phenomenon of

. Last year, the railway sector joint Hainan Unicom Company for the first time the use of the new technology to solve the problem of high-speed rail operators in the user dropped, switching and other issues, greatly improving the quality of the user call.

Feng Yan from Chengdu with his son D7307 train ride to Sanya, a car, his son wanted to see him love cartoons, "the animated cartoon is online watch, did not expect in high-speed rail can not only the Internet, speed is very fast, basically do not have card!" Feng Yan happy to share with reporters.

measured data show that the coverage rate of the western high speed rail 4G signal remains at 97%, east ring 4G high-speed signal coverage rate reached 92.78%, the peak rate is about 85Mbps, the average rate is stable at about 40Mbps, can meet the needs of the passengers in the train running in and smooth viewing ultra clear video.

2 month 2 days, the reporter test on the D7108 train 4G mobile phone signal, when the train speed reached 200km/ hours, open the using a mobile phone, found the news pages open speed and the ground is almost the same, WeChat and video also smooth brush. The train entered the tunnel, the reporter found that the Internet is also no pressure on the phone 4G signal is still strong.

"around the island of Hainan high-speed rail! Unexpectedly there are so many convenience services, not only to buy seats on the when the seat, high-speed rail 4G signal is still so good, I have watched all the news." A passenger from Beijing, Tang Qiang said with a smile.

with the development and progress of society, the signal will be better and better, more and more able to meet the needs of consumers, this is a very positive thing! In this era of information, the majority of people will use the time to use the mobile phone to surf the Internet to kill time. Previous high-speed rail on the phone signal is not very good, passengers call the Internet is not convenient. Now realize the coverage of the 4G , you can call, see the web, watching videos. This allows passengers to feel the ability and level of public services in the railway society continues to improve." Hainan high speed rail

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