Taro is love pizza let you meet love

is common in our life is Western-style food varieties of pizza is one of the most suitable for mass consumer products, and is a very good brand taste delicacy. Of course, many investors are very optimistic about the brand to join. But what brand is better? Small series recommended for you still love pizza pizza shop.

has a long history of Western food, taro is still love pizza store is the crystallization of Chinese and Western food culture collision, to pay attention to the material, unique taste, clear and distinctive brand features. Taro is still love pizza tradition tradition and join the franchise more rich and creative, in the market show style, won many consumers love. If you do not know the pizza shop which good friends, may wish to take a look at the taro love pizza store?

taro love pizza let you meet love

taro love pizza market analysis

according to statistics, I have large and medium-sized cities in the current consumption of pizza every year about 2 billion yuan of demand, and is still growing at an annual rate of 78.6%, which makes China the world’s most potential pizza market.

2014 years, the hands of pizza quietly rise, 95% of our country’s two or three tier cities is a blank, it shows that the huge potential of the pizza market can not imagine!

taro love pizza advantage

features: holding the pizza shape than ice cream cool, more thick, more feel, taste than ordinary pizza longer pull


The secret of

‘s eating: a deep, deep cheese, a rich filling, and a whole piece of delicious cheese at the bottom of the pizza!

incomparable delicious: after 180 degrees fragrant baked, and then take the fresh fruit, it is a perfect match, sweet salty


health nutrition provoke love: a collection of fruits, vegetables, seafood and other nutrients in a structure, low fat, low sugar, high nutrition!

fashion delicacy more convenient: now, eat pizza without a knife and fork, holding, walking and eating, delicious xianbuzhu


rich product taste: with dozens of flavors, with unlimited rich, y featured product line!

localization (Western taste) + civilians (public consumption) + features (service form) =1:1:1 (fit the market)

to remove a single: in addition to pizza, as well as Hong Kong Style dessert series, Hong Kong Style drink series, barbecue series, western style series, Italian ice cream Department >

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