Chinese wood floor ten brand list the whole


said the housing floor processing can be the tool of choice for very much, however, in the whole industry, modern home decoration selection of wooden floor reached more than ninety-five percent, China is wood flooring production and consumption in the world’s largest domestic wood flooring brand, as many as 5000, this small, with 15 years of experience in building materials industry to summarize the experience Chinese wood floor ten brand list, for the purchase of the wood floor as reference.

China wood floor ten brand list, NO.01 floor:

is headquartered in Shanghai floor, was established in 95, is a leader in the flooring industry, three wood flooring in recent years the floor (Anderson) market sales steadily. The floor in the slogan is: an elephant is an industry driven industry leadership, but Anderson Dekor price is not low, the average consumer can become prohibitive, high consumer choice.

China’s top ten brands of wood flooring, NO.02,


is headquartered in Shanghai, 98 years in Shanghai officially listed on the floor of the first floor to strengthen the floor to enter the market, and then slowly introduce multi-layer solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring products. Lock technology Fillinger floor multi-layer solid wood flooring in the series is very good, have a lot of consumer trust, with floor market competition, Fillinger floor has now launched cabinets, wardrobe, doors and so on, the official start of the diversified development.

China’s top ten brands of wood flooring NO.03, Cicero floor:

Cicero floor headquarters is located in Hunan, Changsha, the establishment of 88 years, the beginning of the production of furniture is the beginning of the Cicero, and then, in the transformation of the flooring production enterprises, is the first batch of laminate flooring production enterprises. Cicero floor to strengthen the composite floor to enter the market, and then, on the solid wood floor multi-layer solid wood flooring series. It is noteworthy Cicero flooring handmade antique wood flooring and engineered wood flooring technology and the price is higher, according to Cicero Cicero in the floor to release information, the floor is in go brand diversification route, Cicero’s ceiling, solar energy and other products in the line.

China’s top ten brands of wood flooring NO.04, nature floor:

is headquartered in Guangdong, founded in 95, according to the nature of the industry news release, since 2000, the nature of the floor sales in the annual growth rate of thirty percent! Now in the domestic market share and visibility is very high. The nature of the first floor of high-quality wood flooring series into the

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