First you taste authentic Korean food gimbap

we now living convenience is that Chinese can not imagine, the other not only about our food and beverage market, now we need a visa to go abroad will be able to eat authentic foreign meal in the home, the land and catering operators will do the same to a Korean delicacy, let you indoors can taste the delicacy.


the first brand was founded in May 2009, is a Korean fast food project high standard Beijing food catering management limited accessibility far meticulously. First you uphold the quintessence of Korean food culture gimbap, stick to the traditional production process, and on the basis of excellence, continuous innovation, through market research and practice of scientific exploration, to develop the most suitable for the development of China Korean fast food chain business model. Because of accurate market positioning, unique style of products, quality service, perfect management system, with the first person you unremittingly pursue perfect quality spirit, first you Korean fast food has already set a good brand image in the market today.

first you gimbap has the advantages of simple operation, low investment cost, 5~10 square meters of shops, 20 thousand yuan of liquidity can open a fashion shop, a series of products up to 70% gross margin, low investment return is high output. A variety of ingredients, taste rich, nutritious, affordable, clean and convenient near the first gimbap once available off the Korean fast food whirlwind, or as a staple food for dinner or as a snack food, students, youth, senior white-collar workers are eager to buy, to create a first store near gimbap performance myth.

the steady development of the first near gimbap has been opened in the country Zhiyingdian and more than 160 stores, plans to continue in the main city opened direct 30 stores in the next two years, the development of 100 stores across the country, for the healthy and delicious diners, to our franchisees to create wealth opportunities.

visible first is a restaurant near gimbap investment projects worth you to join, of course, if you want to learn more about the brand to join the information on our website, please consult the message below.

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