Democratic life will be set 52 livelihood facts

Democratic life meeting, Huangzhong county to sought up masses, and the masses life is closely related to the production problems, sorted in order of priority, the degree of difficulty to solve, in respect of the basic situation, consider the wishes of the masses, and ultimately determine the 52 practical livelihood efforts to promote, to ensure that the limited financial resources, with the most urgent needs of the people, most want to solve the problem. Currently, these 52 projects for the smooth progress of private things.

in May 28th this year, Huangzhong county committee team came to the county’s most impoverished Hai Zi Gou Xiang Hei Gou Cun, visit farmers, understand the problems of the masses, to accept the party’s mass line educational practice activities in the field of education. Due to the harsh natural conditions, the black village planting weather, the village is currently net income of 25 households per capita living only 2500 yuan, every eat low; due to the inconvenience of traffic, the village doctor, children in kindergarten to turn the 3 mountains, "he carried, serious drag, the village 17 years not married the new wife…… Clear the villages, understand the requirements of the masses, Huangzhong County Standing Committee United thought: is to make the greatest efforts to present a pressing matter of the moment to reverse the black village villagers, difficult and difficult journey to school difficult, hard to get rich, fundamentally solve the livelihood problems of their lives, so they really have a good day.

in the Huangzhong County Committee Team democratic life meeting, practical problems like black village that related to the lives of the masses put forward many. We listen carefully to the voice of the masses, concerned about the sufferings of the masses, attention to the aspirations of the masses, so that the grassroots think, anxious grassroots anxious to help grassroots needs. Criticism and self-criticism in the democratic life meeting has laid a good foundation for solving the problem from the action.  

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