60 thousand people have been admitted to the Sea Lake District

In July 7th, a reporter from the Lake District Management Committee was informed that, after several years of development and construction, the traffic network system is becoming more and more perfect, the Lake District public facilities, full-featured service facilities are complete, which makes tens of thousands of people full of hope and confidence in the New District, in the new population is more and more. According to statistics, as of now, 60 thousand people have been admitted to the sea lake district.

Sea Lake Wetland Park, Huangshui River landscape, fire ditch landscape, Tonghai road greenbelt, 100 meters sea lake center square, road greening green ecological landscape beauty, form the city ecological water movement development; Qinghai Grand Theatre, Qinghai science and Technology Museum, the large underground parking facilities have been put into use; Huangchuan middle school students primary school, primary school, kindergarten run large Wenhui Road put into use, the sea lake middle school is under construction, three hospitals have started construction; Haihong farmers market put into use; at the end of the year, jinzuo Sheng Jin, Sweeney Valley farmers market will be put into operation…… Along with the lake district the city function and supporting infrastructure is improving, more and more people choose in the lake district and settle down, popular and commercial gas gradually increased, the lake district is a "people’s poetic dwelling, comfortable life" leisure resort, commercial wadi.


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