Huangyuan vinegar break the vinegar world wide

of the Qinghai Huangyuan vinegar complex

daily expenses: daily necessities daily necessaries of tea, vinegar in Qinghai people’s lives, plays a very important role.

In addition to

Shanxi aged vinegar and Jiangsu vinegar in Zhenjiang, Qinghai people, Huangyuan vinegar has a very good reputation. Many Qinghai people went into the kitchen, can see a bag or a bottle of vinegar in Huangyuan.

66 year old Zhao Haisheng, the provincial capital of the old man is an authentic vinegar jar". From small to large in his memory, especially in the summer, vinegar is an indispensable thing, eat jelly, bean flour, Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce rice, barley – up group, mixed with vegetables, vinegar is the best sauce.

"not only do I like to be jealous, our whole family is jealous, can eat more than and 20 pounds of vinegar a year!" Zhao Haisheng jokes.

the advantages and disadvantages of Huangyuan vinegar

speaking of Huangyuan vinegar, Huangyuan Jiyou vinegar "general manager Zhang Youji said, such a thing: in 2011, the company to Hongkong and other places to visit the vinegar market. In Qinghai to sell a few dollars loaded 400 ml of vinegar, to Hongkong, can sell thirty yuan, also sold out. In Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other economically developed city, Huangyuan, Qinghai and Qinghai yak jerky vinegar yogurt, very popular.

according to historical records, making Huangyuan vinegar has a history of three hundred years, which included one hundred kinds of medicinal materials, selection of high quality raw materials, local barley bran as raw material, with herbal medicine Cordyceps, snow lotus, and other components in Rhodiola, by koji, fermentation, sunlight irradiation and other more than and 60 refined processes. General vinegar made a year’s time, and the better the quality of vinegar need seven or eight years or ten years.

Huangyuan vinegar although favored by consumers, but can not deny it, and other domestic brand is nothing. Especially in the development of scale, technology, technology, equipment, etc., need to improve a lot of places.

next year to produce vinegar oral liquid

into Jiyou mature plants, a two storey wooden floor show in front of. This is the company cost tens of millions of dollars in the construction of the two part of the project – vinegar Culture Museum, the future will be an industrial tour. "I have a plan, is to build the company into a culture, catering, breeding as one of the modern enterprise, driven by the benefits of all aspects. At the same time, can drive two hundred to three hundred jobs." Zhang Youji is full of confidence in the future.

currently, Huangyuan famous brand in addition to the "vinegar Jiyou" brand, and "mountain" brand. "Jiyou" brand vinegar currently has two major series 40 varieties, products have high low grade three. The enterprise has formed a capacity of twenty thousand tons of vinegar and a series of products, based on the original vinegar products, development and production of barley and 9 degree black vinegar egg juice vinegar, vinegar drinks, Cordyceps, sea buckthorn vinegar vinegar drink rhodiola and other products on the market, consumers and dealers. Next year,;

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