Xining catering industry will create a civilized table

"A rice porridge, when thinking hard to come by, please eat a reasonable meal, no food left." The future of this civilized dining tips will be everywhere. It is reported that, in order to further enhance the consciousness of the people, promote the Xining city national civilized city to create work, food and Drug Administration in the city catering service industry to carry out activities to create a civilized table.

the city’s "table of civilization" to create activities to hotels, restaurants and other catering enterprises, schools, offices canteen as the focus, to carry out the civilized table model shop "," civilized dining room table demonstration "," civilized dining service star "rating activities, do not save the dinner leftovers, how many points to eat safety; dining without drainage oil, not bad food; health meal using chopsticks gongshao; civilized dining — no foul language, no loud noise, speech and deportment civilization. Catering enterprises will guide consumers to a reasonable diet, civilized dining, scientific packaging, to avoid waste, it is recommended that customers with reasonable dishes, ordering the waiter to the customer to express dishes. Restaurant enterprises in the provision of civilized dining environment at the same time should also be universal table manners, advocate customers do not smoke when eating, not loud noise, etc., to create a "smile service, respect courtesy" civilized etiquette atmosphere. Promote conservation, green consumption, adhere to the procurement, the use of qualified tableware, cooking oil and other raw and auxiliary materials, disposable tableware, improve the utilization rate of raw materials, reduce the production of waste residue. Guide customers to run out of food, will not run out of food packaging, and free of charge to provide environmentally friendly packing lunch boxes. (author: 1)


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