Xining quality inspection of supermarkets and food production and processing enterprises to carry ou

in the Spring Festival approaching, Xining quality inspection departments of the city’s supermarkets and food production and processing enterprises to carry out a special inspection of food products and other aspects of quality safety and measurement. (the sound effect of the scene is mixed with a few seconds)

recently, the reporter went to the Xining Municipal Bureau of quality inspection staff came to the supermarket in Wangfujing, the chief of the Bureau of Metrology Bureau Xiao Hong told reporters:

out of the recording "our holiday check is basically that its scales are not accurate, and then a pre packaged product is not in line with our net content requirements." Recording stop

Spring Festival consumption with the arrival of the peak, more than a half months, Xining City Bureau of quality inspection personnel to have the large supermarkets, grain and oil wholesale market to carry out special supervision and inspection, at the same time, combined with the "illegal to add non food substances and the abuse of food additives special rectification work, with the" weak link of urban-rural fringe, supervision the township and rural areas, food production and processing of small businesses, small workshops "as the focus, to highlight the inspection of non food materials, non food packaging materials, non food additives, and the holiday selling food processing products, meat products, dairy products, condiments, beverages, liquor, and the masses of the children’s food quality safety reflects the strong food for sampling inspection, and production license for food production and processing of small workshops, small businesses, especially for a student Maternity leave shoddy food violations of the record of the enterprise conducted a key inspection.

Xining Quality Inspection Bureau inspectors brigade captain Li Jianqing:

out of the record, through the inspection, from our production companies, distribution companies are able to effectively assume responsibility, fulfill their duties, in strict accordance with the provisions of the work. Our special supervision and inspection will continue until the Spring Festival, to further intensify supervision, set our overall strength to do the work well." Recording stop


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