Xining City District moved to hinder the obstruction of pollution control

Recently, in order to solve the environmental problems affecting people’s production and living, urban areas in accordance with the "winter disease summer rule" work ideas, to take strong measures to remove obstacles hindering the pace of air pollution control.

it is understood that even the day, the district environmental protection departments one by one investigation area of all households need to transform coal-fired boiler units, has been on the use of 66 coal-fired boilers 42.8 tons of steam units, Small and micro businesses and families of hospital building issued a "rectification notice", the perfunctory, refused to rectification the 12 "black smoke" coal-fired boiler according to the implementation of the seizure, removal; take "whole change", strengthen the food service industry rectification, checked 191 catering units. To carry out special inspections of water pollution accident, the Huangshui River (the section) and tributaries sewage inspections, and increase the area of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises of water pollution remediation efforts. As of now, has checked the production and processing enterprises 97, 8 issued a "rectification notice", the 8 found sewage mouth, on-site renovation completed in 2, and transferred to relevant departments timely reporting limit rectification 6.


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