Provincial organs of harmonious development and dream of China the staff held a theatrical performa

Sing sing, sing harmony, unity, strength to sing; sing Chinese iron will and heroism, to express the highland children by the party and the motherland deeply blessings and unity of lofty sentiments and aspirations. September 24th, Qinghai province directly under the authority of the harmonious development of · dream of China, the staff held a theatrical performance in Xining.

the employees Arts Festival is the provincial authorities to celebrate the new China 66 anniversary and the 70 anniversary of the victory of Anti Japanese War, the new achievements in the construction of the Acura provincial authorities, actively promote a cultural event and the cultural construction of cadres and workers of the construction of spiritual civilization. The provincial authorities of each unit cadres and workers to respond positively, carefully organized, choreographed program, a total of 34 programs of 35 units participated in the show, demonstrating the good wish of the provincial authorities of each unit and the majority of Party members and cadres and workers of the blessing of the motherland and uplifting spirit.

art show top awards. General Office of the provincial Party committee selected the program won the first prize, Qinghai Lake scenic area protection and Utilization Management Bureau, Qinghai Provincial Communist Youth League "program won the two prize, six provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department and other units should select the program by third-prize Province, Industrial and Commercial Bureau units outstanding organization award.  

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