Sanjiang source of the first phase project acceptance rate of 100%

9 month 12 days, reporters from the Sanjiang source of ecological protection and construction project completion and acceptance will be informed that after 10 years of construction, Sanjiang source of ecological protection and construction of a project of three categories of 22 projects in 1041 sub projects through the provincial inspection and acceptance rate of 100%. After assessment, the ecological value of the assets of the source area reached 12 trillion and 700 billion yuan yuan, the ecological benefits of ecological construction in Sanjiang source area generated an average of $3 billion 500 million. Realize the ecological value, improve the livelihood of the people and the development of the ability of the major stages of effectiveness.

since 2005, the state started the implementation of the Sanjiang Qinghai nature reserve ecological protection and construction master plan, the province completed a total investment of 8 billion 539 million yuan, the implementation of the top 22 categories of projects. The project area is broad, the construction content is many, the scale of investment is unprecedented, is one of the projects of ecological construction in our province, is also an important carrier to support the construction of comprehensive experimental area. After years of construction, compared with 2004, the three rivers to the downstream average annual output of more than 5 billion 800 million cubic meters of high-quality water for the economic and social development of the Sanjiang river basin provides a strong support. River source area ecological asset value reached 12 trillion and 700 billion yuan, accounting for the province’s ecological assets total value of 18 trillion and 390 billion yuan 68.9%; annual produce ecological benefit of ecological construction of Sanjiang source area is 3 billion 500 million yuan, 4 billion 100 million yuan annual ecological benefit accounted for 85.3%, the rate of return on investment as high as 204.3%. 2015 Sanjiang source area of farmers and herdsmen per capita net income reached 6565 yuan, an average annual growth of 12.4%. Li Xiaonan

is the director of Sanjiang Province, the source of ecological protection and construction office, for the Sanjiang source of ecological protection and construction of a total project acceptance work more scientific and rigorous, the provincial government attaches great importance to research and deployment work, Sanjiang source of ecological protection and Construction Office of the relevant departments and experts to complete the preparation of the "Sanjiang source of ecological protection and the construction project (a) to meet the national acceptance of work outline and work programme", timely development "Qinghai Sanjiang source of ecological protection and construction project archives inspection work program", forming and filing documents, according to project management documents, documents and other nine categories of ecological migration Engineering Archives Volume 9363, a total of 336 form a picture file volume of nearly 70 thousand, more than 260 pages. At the same time, complete digital processing Archives Volume 7819 (box) of more than 203, the formation of electronic records of more than 3.4 bar, proofreading and revision of nearly 50 thousand records full movie directory, the electronic file and paper file double filing.


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