Several of the best investment projects in the summer to make money

what are you planning to do this summer? Do you have any investment? Do you know what to invest in? If you do not have a clear answer to these questions, then you may wish to take a look at this summer’s best investment in several major environmental projects, all of which are the strength of the big name, investment super money.

bangmei net of indoor air purification

bangmei net of indoor air purification products used in the series of nano biotechnology, furniture paint, paint and adhesive for slow release of benzene and developed a new generation of purification products, the technology breaks through the single method through oxidative decomposition, activator material with the removal of benzene pollution through bio technology and nano for a long time, obvious treatment effect, and no pollution two.

520 air purification gas station

with the indoor air pollution is due to the arrogance of his nemesis, the 520 gas station (air purification air pollution purification service). There are 520 air purification stations in the place, the air pollution can only raise their hands to surrender. Therefore, the 520 air purification gas station to become the best indoor air pollution control.

Zhongke Hengnuo air purifier

HEPA high efficient air purification technology, coconut shell activated carbon, nano ultrasonic atomization technology in one, set in the

Sakura cubic pollution

Sakura cubic pollution on the basis of the photocatalyst, breaking the rules, the integration of new technologies will be bold, the limitations of photocatalyst is minimized, thereby greatly its purification function. This governance products, governance can meet the national standards for indoor formaldehyde content, in order to reduce the possible harm to the body.

2015 years, the environmental protection project has been a hot investment, these projects are the strength of the brand of environmental protection projects, has a good market reputation, strong market appeal. Investors choose one project, can grasp the odds of success, because they have the perfect support to protect.

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