Red excellent book exhibition held by readers

For the long Chongqing to the new Chinese 65 anniversary, let’s revisit great achievements since the establishment of new China, September -11 month, the State Press and Publication Administration Organization National 100 letter City, carried out jointly celebrate the 65 anniversary of the founding of new China excellent book exhibition, I dashizhi Xinhua Bookstore and bookstore of Xining to participate in the activities of the two bookstores become this. In October 7th, the reporter went to the Grand Cross of the Xinhua Bookstore, the most prominent position in the store, there is a marked "to celebrate the 65 anniversary of the motherland hundred letters City excellent book exhibition" circular booth, "Deng Xiaoping", "General Secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech reading", "reading" the mass line of the party education, various all associated with the birth of the motherland excellent books are all on display. Grand Cross of Xinhua bookstore manager Zhao Manhong said, the Grand Cross of Xinhua Bookstore is the first time to participate in such activities, many people came to buy books, sales better than usual activities, the effect is very good. In the Xining book city with red classics as the theme of the relevant books are listed in the event booth. Into the book city will be able to see there are 4 booths: history and social science books exhibition, economic class book exhibition, children’s book exhibition, tourism book exhibition. These booths are standing around a lot of people, they choose their own interest in the book carefully read. In the children’s books exhibition, the reporter saw a mother is taking his son to pick books, the children picked up one of the books to read with relish, is fascinated. "He is still young, he is in kindergarten, and the teacher always encourages them to read some story books. Into the bookstore to see a children’s book exhibition, they went straight to want to pick a few more to see him." The child’s mother said.  

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