The province’s provincial pilot institutions and institutions to accelerate the construction of basi

, a reporter from the Qinghai provincial human resources and social security department was informed that, recently, the "Three Basics" by the provincial office, provincial human resources and social security department and the competent departments of environmental protection, water conservancy, develop agriculture and animal husbandry, forestry and other 4 provincial pilot industry evaluation institutions personnel professional ability standard, evaluation standard, training program and basic ability the implementation plan ("two standard program outline") officially issued. This marks the province’s provincial pilot institutions and institutions to accelerate the construction of basic capacity.

it is reported that the province of the two standard program outline "reflects the prominent professional ability standard and the characteristics of the industry, in the professional ability standard setting process, the Department in charge of industry closely with industry access, professional qualifications and other requirements, the industry policies and regulations, technical standards and other parameters as the main content, highlighting the professional characteristics and job requirements, and strive to highlight the scientific and practical; concise and to the point, the evaluation standard is targeted and flexible, according to the post business unit personnel duties in accordance with the requirements of different categories, respectively, making the evaluation management personnel and professional technical personnel’s professional ability standard, taking into account the part of business unit management personnel engaged in the work of cadres and have more resemblance the basic ability, professional standards and evaluation standards according to the related standards of corresponding professional cadres. And in a flexible tube as the standard, to ensure that the "Three Basics" evaluation and promotion of personnel basic ability and promote the combination of normal work.

at the same time, "two standard one program outline" also focused on the evaluation of the implementation of the program to ensure operability. Evaluation of implementation plan according to the law, is simple, scientific and normative principles, setting up reasonable proportion of general basic skills and professional ability test scores, including provincial and municipal (state) units of test scores for the proportion of 3:7, county (District), township (town) for 4:6. And according to the fact that the staff of the public service unit is larger than the base of the civil service, the evaluation result of the staff of the institution is adjusted to 2%, which is reduced by a factor of 8.


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