Huangzhong county to carry out the celebration of 71 cum military and civilian to build civil cultur

June 25th, Huangzhong county held a party to celebrate the festival, to celebrate the eighteen party "service and" Qing 71 army and the "home culture month theatrical performances, opened a month long civil culture month off.

day, from the garrison troops, communities, schools, community organizations in chorus, dance, drama and other forms, celebrate the 91 anniversary of the founding, to celebrate the party’s eighteen, the full expression of patriotism, love the party, love Huangzhong. Wonderful song and dance, humorous pieces, funny comic dialogue to make a brilliant performance. The local garrison and full of passion, loud singing, dance together to review the glorious history of the party, to the party’s full show "the valiant record, the fine tradition of Jun Aimin and the people support the military military and civilian yushuiqing a pro.

on the same day, Huangzhong county also launched the "build a civilized town, Chong 5A scenic" party dedication day activities, Party committees and departments and organs from county Party committee (party), more than 400 members of the Party branch to ant Ditch Reservoir cleaning, with practical action to carry out the exemplary role of party members. It is understood that during the cultural month, Huangzhong county will carry out charitable culture, community culture, cultural support and other cultural activities, carry out a wide range of various forms, popular performances and training. At the same time, the majority of Party members and cadres also give full play to the exemplary role, to carry out service activities, continue to excel. (author: She Chaolong)


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