Better service for residents to carry out the first asking system service

April 6th, the provincial capital of the ancient city of Taiwan Office of youth Lane community residents Xu Xiufeng to the neighborhood committee to consult about social security, just responsible for the work of staff out. In accordance with past practice, Xu Xiufeng need to wait until the staff come back or consulting, another day, the reception of her staff immediately made her answer, thanks to the young Lane community launched the "first asking" service — the first day people visiting the reception staff, must do a good job of answering questions for residents. Until the residents’ satisfaction.

According to the

youth Lane community responsible person, residents often have to consult neighborhood or birth certificate, the minimum living security investigation reporting policy problems, these problems are very strong, if not in the other person in charge of personnel, it is difficult to explain. "In this way, residents tend to run back and forth several times because of one thing, in order to allow residents to run less, neighborhood launched the ‘first ask system’ service." The first question system requires staff to strengthen business learning, not only to be familiar with the work of their own, but also to understand other community affairs, and strive to improve service levels.

In order to better implement the

service system, the community staff also used the weekend into residential buildings, to convey the policy for the residents, to ensure that all residents to dispel misunderstanding, this can all be obtained in the first time.


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