Deployment of the Spring Festival traffic management

Yesterday, the Provincial Public Security Bureau held a provincial public security traffic management work and the spring athletes deployment of video conference, in 2013 summing up the work of public security and traffic management results, analysis of the situation of traffic safety, to convey the relevant meetings spirit on the basis of the work and focus on the traffic safety inspection on 2014. "Looking back" activities, especially the Spring Festival traffic management work carried out deployment.

this year’s Spring Festival began in January 16th, the end of February 24th, the provincial public security department will be required throughout the Spring Festival traffic management work as the focus of the current work, according to the Spring Festival traffic, transportation, weather, traffic violations, traffic accident characteristics, accurately grasp the situation, hold the key sections, focusing on time, manage key vehicles, key people. During the Spring Festival in the province to ensure the smooth flow of road safety, and resolutely prevent serious traffic accidents, and resolutely prevent the occurrence of multi vehicle collision traffic accident, long time traffic congestion, to create a good environment for people to travel the road traffic safety.

province traffic police corps further requirements, around the Spring Festival period, to put up the police, most equipment, the largest energy on line, to strengthen road patrol control, to ensure safety and accident prevention, to ensure smooth anti jam, let the people go home Lu Pingan, smooth and warm; to strengthen the control of road traffic order. The timely start to traffic safety inspection service station before the Spring Festival, set up the law enforcement teams, strengthen the main passenger travel and travel via the highway, the State Highway Patrol control, strengthen passenger vehicle safety inspection, to strengthen the prevention of agricultural and pastoral areas in the spring of the accident, strengthen City drunk driving illegal rummage night, easily lead to illegal behavior investigation serious accidents, prevent Qunsiqunshang accident; to strengthen traffic emergency management, the Provincial Traffic Police Corps detachment, and (in) team to implement the "two requirements for the declaration of a prompt", advance public traffic situation and predict the Spring Festival traffic organization plan, announced the area road danger section and accident prone points, traffic safety warning issued during the Spring Festival, people safe travel guide. To advance and coordinate transportation departments to strengthen weather emergency management, strengthen the toll free traffic organization during the Spring Festival and blocking Paul chang. In particular, it is necessary to strengthen the Spring Festival traffic safety publicity services, and vigorously carry out traffic safety inspections, and effectively eliminate the security risks from the source.


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