My home more than 300 people last year

talent is difficult to stay, lack of industry, technology is lagging behind the true portrayal of the Qinghai Tibet plateau. In recent years, new technology, and more and more college graduates returned to Qinghai entrepreneurship, Qinghai province in 2016, only home to more than 300 people, the plateau is gradually farewell talent "hypoxia" status.

Luo was born in Qinghai Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Hainan, in the United States to study information technology, as a visiting scholar, he returned home to join the technology industry. In recent years, Sino Tibetan Bilingual teaching machine, Luo Tibet developed reading pen, explain the robot has a number of independent intellectual property products into the plateau herdsmen. Luo said that the new year, he hopes to change the lives of more Tibetan people through science and technology, so that they can contact and experience the wider world beyond the plateau.

now, similar to the Luo Tibetan youth in Qinghai province is not uncommon. Qinghai province human resources and social security department human resources market director Zhang Wenshi said that in 2016 the province’s overseas return youth reached more than 200 people, and more than and 10 years ago is still less than 20 people; in 2016 the province’s home, more than 300 people, only 1/10 now ten years ago. These young people return to their homeland, all hope to promote the development of their hometown through knowledge, most of them become the main force of entrepreneurship, innovation.

27 year old Zhang Yue studied resources biology, graduated from a university in Qinghai did not return to his hometown in Shandong, the establishment of their own local animal husbandry company. Over the past two years he has been removed in Qinghai, Tibet, the acquisition of beef and mutton for export processing. At the same time, the transfer of land contract in plateau oats, alleviate the shortage of livestock feed in winter.

the new year, Zhang Yue hope more foreigners can feel natural, no pollution, good taste of the plateau animal products, the Tibetan sheep and yak meat "out of purdah all knowledge". He also hoped that the herdsmen can therefore become more "baggy pockets".

Zhang introduction, in recent years, more and more foreign cadastral graduates choose to take root in the Qinghai Tibet plateau. In 2016 graduated more than 4000 students, more than 1200 people remain in Qinghai employment, accounting for more than 30%. Many of them around the plateau features a small and micro enterprises, in this piece of land on the pursuit of their dreams.

27 year old Gasong forest is now head of Qinghai Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Yushu Province youth entrepreneurship base. In 2014, he hit it off and 6 local college graduates, through the establishment of electronic business platform, Cordyceps, ethnic handicrafts in Yushu are exported to Beijing, Shanghai and abroad. In the group of Yushu Prefecture under the support of the establishment of business incubator located in the "Yushu youth entrepreneurship base, currently has more than and 30 Small and micro businesses settled.

Gasong forest said, before a lot of Tibetan youth value only civil servants, institutions such as "a secure job" after graduation, rather than living in the home for other work. The new year, he hopes that more young people have ideas in the market, gold, experience, to create more value for society.


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