Chase City ban two dust

with the Datong county industrialization and further promote urbanization, the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution pressures continue to increase, in order to improve the air quality, since mid September this year, Datong County in accordance with the polluter, who control; who is in charge, who is the lead; who approval, who is responsible for the principle of territorial management, take effective measures of pollution management of initial success.

to prevent blockage of illegal muck truck

Datong overload, for large engineering vehicle leakage caused by transportation two dust pollution and other illegal acts, take point inspection, inspection work flow method and night combined examination, from the source to do a thorough investigation and severe punishment according to law, air pollution prevention and control work. Even the day to the principal leaders of the county government led public security, environmental protection, transportation, urban management and other law enforcement departments, three Bingfen road into the town of No. three bridge, twenty-eight kilometers, Beichuan Industrial Park and other construction vehicles relatively dense region 3 night special activities, as of now, check the road transport vehicles 510 vehicles, 108 vehicles punishment a, shall be ordered to correct 311 cars, they received a fine of 76 thousand and 700 yuan, effectively curb the transport vehicles, high overloading, speeding and cover due to loose two road dust. At the same time, the relevant departments and enterprises 10 sprinkler, the Ning Zhang highway 24 kilometers to 42 kilometers, the county built-up area totaling 1 million 60 thousand square meters of area more than 2 times every day for watering dust, the dust pollution control area.

41 construction sites were rectification

at present, the county’s 42 construction sites and 2 commercial concrete mixing station, there are 41 sites and 2 business mixing station main road hardening, hard wall confining construction basically completed, can do the construction site dust sprinkler, road cleaning, and set the vehicle washing facilities on site vehicles flushing, construction sites and mixed concrete mixing station dust has been effectively controlled. County coal-fired boilers, coal to gas has been completed 12 (Taiwan) 57 tons of steam, the other 2 (Taiwan) meter of 4 tons of governance is being carried out. Food and beverage industry has more than 15 catering facilities have been completed, and the other has signed a contract to install the 3, after efforts to improve the quality of air environment. (author: Zhao Yongqin)

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