Huangzhong popular project warm heart

in Huangzhong county cadres masses service grass-roots work, conscientiously implement the "the people, gather the people, warm people, the people" project, and actively do practical things for the people, good things, problem-solving things, establish a good image of Party members and cadres in the new period, the closer the party masses relations group.

in-depth visits to know the people

County grassroots cadres at all levels, to carry out extensive exchanges and discussions with the masses, deep understanding the practical problems, people at the grass-roots level of economic and social development requirements and expectations, in the production and life of various fields, solicit opinions and suggestions, in the "diary" of detailed records, and actively coordinate and solve. In the activity, 1566 grassroots cadres visited the masses of 87 thousand and 500 people, with the basic unit, the masses held more than 8000 seminars, issued "public contact cards" 3701, issued "public service card" 1156, "wrote the diary" million articles, for finishing the salient issues 463.

to promote the development of popular

409 party veteran cadres, in-depth village community as a "party instructor", 35 party members and cadres linked to any village (community) to arrange the first secretary, deputy secretary of the village director or assistant, effectively improve the level of Party building in rural and community work. Organs and cadres at all levels to do good things for the masses 2294, helping the implementation of funds of $13 million 674 thousand. The counties affiliated institutions to implement assistance funds about 7500000 yuan for the 55 "military enterprises build a model village". Policies and regulations to carry out training courses 419, preaching will be held in the 1260 game, held a practical technical training courses for the 746 time, the masses of more than 26.6 people.

help the poor and needy people warm

"during the two warmth research", "party members into the rural areas", "grassroots research action", "twinning" activities as the carrier, grassroots policy, delivery service, send warmth, help solve practical difficulties and problems. Since this year, visit the old Party member 545, 352 old cadres, disabled 113 households, difficulties of Party members and the masses of more than 780 households, sent condolences to more than 120 yuan, clothing, quilts and other gifts of more than 540 pieces (sets), more than 60 tons of rice, flour. The formation of 65 party members and cadres volunteer service team, organized by the office of the 3125 members of the community to carry out voluntary service activities, and help the masses to solve the practical difficulties of employment, housing, medical and other aspects of the more than and 300.

resolve contradictions and popular support

order to solve their practical problems as the starting point of the grassroots cadres at all levels to actively grasp, masses of production and life and historical issues, careful analysis of the reasons and Countermeasures to resolve all kinds of disputes since 789, to solve the masses of the salient issues 393, pending petition mediation 99, further the stability of the people, promote social harmony. (author: Su Jianping

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