Practical lectures into the organs of safety knowledge and health

Hunger breeds discontentment, food to safety first

hunger breeds discontentment, food to safety first. July 20th, the city population and Family Planning Commission, the City Federation of literature and environmental protection association invited experts to explain the food safety knowledge, cadres and workers sent a food safety knowledge feast".

Zhang Wei of the China Agricultural University teacher with the experiment, the scene to explain the food safety hazards exist in our daily lives, personally teach you to identify with fertilizers and pesticides in fruits and vegetables and exceed the standard hormones, antibiotics, additives, meat, rice, noodles, vivid and experiments lead to everyone’s surprise, have stepped forward and personally observed and tasting fruits and vegetables.

to carry out food safety seminars, so that we increase their knowledge of food safety, improve self-protection awareness. Cadres and workers to participate in the seminar have said that such lectures close to life, vivid content, the actual operation of the daily life of great help, I hope to hold more such seminars.

on the same day, Wei Li invited Qinghai Zheng an announcer for the fire prevention center, the cadres and workers of public places and family life on fire safety knowledge, so we further understand the fire knowledge, ability of self protection and self promoting fire.




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