Huangyuan trade and ndustry Bureau to strengthen the May Day holiday tourism market regulation

"May Day" on the eve of Huangyuan County Industrial and Commercial Bureau to Dan Geer ancient city, mountain tourist attractions and the surrounding hotels, specialty stores, tourist crafts store as the key, to involve tourists "eat, live, entertainment and shopping," the key to carry out inspection of law enforcement.

the inspection guidance, adhere to guidance, supervision, standardize the principle, intensify supervision on food, catering, tourism and other commodities, through the issuance of "civilized business proposal" initiative, civilized, law-abiding operators; establish "tourism operators management law", to urge the tourism business operators to establish the price tags and improve the cable card ticket system, and severely punish qiangmaiqiangmai, dominate the market, and cheating or unlicensed behavior, check the specification of all types of operating 153 households, signed tourism target responsibility book 153, to ensure that the holiday tourism market order.

may day, Huangyuan County Bureau of Commerce and industry will continue to play the role of consumer complaints in the scenic spot and consumer complaints to report the role of liaison stations, timely acceptance of consumer complaints, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of passengers.


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