2016 college entrance examination in our province began

in 2016 the province’s adult college entrance examination from December 15th to December 30th. The admission work is divided into two stages, from December 15th to December 25th according to the enrollment plan, professional volunteer candidates Toudang admission, from December 25th to December 30th to adjust Toudang admission.

for the implementation of the enrollment policy, the province Zhaoban to take measures to further improve the working mechanism, clear responsibilities, standardized admission procedures, to ensure the smooth implementation of the province in 2016 adult college enrollment work. I was founded in 2016, the adult college entrance examination admission work leading group, under the discipline inspection group, propaganda Advisory Group, University liaison and record check group, plan control group, network technology group, logistics group in 7 functional group. Toudang made before allocation scheme, implement the system of examination and approval.

in the admission process, adhere to the "school admissions, responsible for the supervision of" principle, in the province of College Admissions Committee under the leadership of the implementation of specific admissions by the provincial admissions organization; adhere to the "fair and open", according to the relevant provisions of the provincial admissions admissions to the school enrollment in professional enrollment plans to put qualified students of electronic archives. The principle of. Take the way of "from high to low merit", in line with the adult college enrollment conditions, achieve Toudang scores of candidates in school enrollment, students proposed to be accepted, agreed to the provincial admissions examination, college admissions candidates download electronic archives archiving, and is responsible for send admission admission notice.

at the same time, the on-line supervision of college admissions Toudang candidates to conduct a comprehensive review audit, who do not meet the conditions, the firm will not be accepted. The work for freshmen to review, carefully check the admission notice and identity cards, admission roster, electronic archives information and to enroll undergraduate matriculation first degree of not issued or not by the Ministry of Education approves of the college and college diploma, cancel their admission. No college admissions system illegal recruit students, prohibit any non academic education and training institutions, intermediary organizations or individuals outside the country in higher education school name of adult college enrollment, non commissioned correspondence stations (points), teaching points, cooperative education units, agencies or individuals to "trick" and "agent" in the name of adult college enrollment work.


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