Further increase the province put the tube service reform efforts

adhere to the decentralization, put the tube combination, optimize the service "three pronged ‘, strengthen market supervision and public service, the transformation of government functions continued in-depth, and strive to build Qinghai province into one of the examination and approval of administrative approval at least, the highest efficiency and innovation environment optimal provinces." Around the goal of this reform, the province put the decentralization of government reform in a prominent position, overall planning, scientific deployment, the province put into service reform steadily.

continue to adhere to the decentralization, put the tube combination and optimization services, further adjustment to cancel the decentralization of administrative approval, administrative fees related enterprises all cleared. This year, our province to deepen the reform, management, service "as an important measure to promote the supply side structural reform, further intensify reform, to" put "effect, continue to show the" pipe "system continues to improve," service "system gradually perfect, innovation in order to promote public entrepreneurship peoples more equitable the convenience of the market environment, promote new economy, accelerate the development of new energy, to transform and upgrade traditional industries, strong support for the stable and healthy development of economic society.

catch "put the tube, take" reform this "hand", the province significantly improve the business environment, market access more convenient, the main market operating costs decreased significantly, innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples become a new pattern of industry, the emergence of a large number of new formats.

data show that in the first quarter of 2016, the province’s newly registered market players 13846, an increase of 24.1%, the average daily registration of newly registered market players in the main 152. Among the newly registered enterprises 3503, an increase of 23.4%, an average of newly registered enterprises in the new year, the new registration of individual industrial and commercial households, a total of 9488, an increase of 22.6%; farmer cooperatives, a total of 855, an increase of 48.7%.

is reported that, following the 2014 our province substantially cancel the adjustment and decentralization of administrative approval items 324, since 2015 the abolition or suspension of 22 items of administrative fees and a series of initiatives, and vigorously promote decentralization of administrative approval reform, further clean up, a year ahead of the completion of the provincial government established by the end of 2015 to reduce the above "the 1/3 tasks of administrative examination and approval. At the same time, a comprehensive clean-up of non administrative licensing approval, the abolition of the "non administrative approval this approval category, to further promote the reform of the system of commercial, industrial and commercial registration of front to rear, after the first photo card," three in one "," according to a code of "reform" landing "in to a greater extent to stimulate the vitality of the market.


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