Create a city to create a better performance of Xining urban civilization degree index rankings

the Central Civilization Office recently announced the city (District) level of civilization index and the ideological and moral construction of minors work evaluation results, Xining city civilized degree index total score is 85.97 points, in the country’s 13 nomination in the city ranked eighth, ranking in 2012 to upgrade the 2 ranking. The ideological and moral construction of minors work a total score of 94.06 points, in the 30 provincial and sub provincial city in the top eighteenth, ranked more than in 2012 increased by 9 ranking, to create work has achieved initial results.

Since the

from Xining city in 2010 started to create a national civilized city, effectively mobilize the public sense of ownership, a city concept into thousands of households, a city of action throughout all aspects, in many ways to build a strong foundation to create work. The system construction, and constantly improve the work of creating institutions, municipal leaders, municipal units to carry out joint point chip package to create work, into the streets and community area four, in a timely manner to help resolve difficult issues in a city welcome inspection work; through all levels of supervision and leadership of a city focus, people deputies and CPPCC members to inspect the work and actively create BSFLP, Chong City Office of seven special inspection teams to carry out supervision, four districts to carry out self-examination, news media exposure of a variety of uncivilized behavior in a variety of ways of supervision, effectively promoted the construction work of the comprehensive implementation and timely rectification in place; the establishment of "self testing self rating system, a city commissioned a professional agency to carry out the simulation test. For the problems found and the non-compliance of the project to sort out one by one and urge the relevant units to implement the rectification, and constantly improve the city civilization index. Publicity and guidance to create a strong social atmosphere, to create activities to enhance people’s awareness of civilization, optimize the environment to enhance the degree of urban civilization, etc., have created a national civilized city of Xining laid a good foundation.


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