Financial funds to help accelerate the development of the province’s highway traffic

is to promote the development of transportation in poor areas, the construction of a modern integrated transport network, since this year, the provincial finance actively strive for the central support basis, 15 billion 100 million yuan to raise funds to support the province’s highway traffic infrastructure construction.

since the beginning of this year, the Provincial Department of Finance jointly with the Provincial Department of transportation for the vehicle purchase tax subsidies 14 billion 353 million yuan, to protect the Yashenga to Tongren, Huashixia to Jigzhi (provincial), Xunhua road to the longwuxia gorge section, strengthen the mountain (provincial) to Xunhua road and other key projects under construction funding needs strong support in 2016 the province traffic poverty alleviation and the focus of the work of rural highway construction.

to accelerate the provincial government to determine the focus of the project construction process, the Provincial Department of finance this year through earmarked, Dianzhi etc., the Provincial Department of transportation issued a total of 8 billion yuan of funds for construction, effectively solve the traffic flow difficulties of construction funds, reduce the interest burden of traffic. At the same time, the full support of Xining slow blocking Paul Chang "project, Xining north and South Ring Road cancellation charges allocated 500 million yuan subsidy, charge standard adjustment to speed up the North South Link highway, traffic and transportation function of highway network in Xining and surrounding areas, improve the urban road capacity guarantee. Issued by the provincial highway maintenance costs 75 million yuan of special funds, issued a special fund for rural road maintenance of $114 million. Issued a total of 31 million 500 thousand yuan of funds for the construction of passenger stations in the province, mainly to support the upgrading of Tibetan passenger car station.


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