Government work report drafting group responsible person interpretation report

this year’s government work report is how to draft completed? How to accurately grasp the essence of the report? Office of the State Council Information Office, 5, deputy director of the State Council, Huang Shouhong, deputy director of the government work report drafting group, the interpretation of the report on the situation.

report to draw together the wisdom of the parties

this report focuses on the strategic deployment of the CPC Central Committee governing the country with Comrade Xi Jinping as general secretary." Huang Shouhong said.

he said that the CPC Central Committee and State Council attached great importance to the drafting of government work report. General secretary Xi Jinping chaired a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, the Politburo meeting to consider the report. Premier Li Keqiang presided over the drafting of the government work report, has held a State Council executive meeting, the State Council plenary meeting for discussion and comments.

according to the report of the drafting group to research office of the State Council staff, also attracted a dozen government departments, local governments and relevant experts to participate in the think-tank report, fully reflected the various regions and departments of the wishes and requirements.


report comments of the drafting group issued 4000 copies, put forward 1000 opinions about various aspects, as far as possible after sorting has been absorbed into the government work report.

Huang Shouhong said that the report is very grounded gas, respond to the concerns and aspirations of the community, has a broad public opinion basis. Premier Li Keqiang presided over the 3 forum, listened to the views of all sides. Drafting group also conducted in-depth investigation.

in addition, the State Council Research Office will also be held with the National Bureau of foreign experts to discuss the views of foreign experts. 13 famous experts from the United States, Britain, Japan, Singapore and other 7 countries on economic operation and energy structure, social security and other fields put forward opinions and suggestions, enhance the report of the international vision and global perspective.

Huang Shouhong said, units launched the "I say to the prime minister", as at 1 March, collected more than 6.1 messages, by sorting out the past 600 to us, including the more than and 20 recommendations from the international. The drafting group of various aspects of the proposal to study one by one to maximize the absorption of the report.

government work report of the drafting is to reflect the aspirations of all parties to gather consensus, the wisdom of the convergence process." He said, Huizhong force set trimaran so widely, is also rare in the world in the drafting of the address, this is an important reason for economic and social development China continuously made new achievements.

China’s economic development in 2015, there is a sense of temperament

The government work report this year’s

review of the situation of China’s economic and social development in 2015 and 12th Five-Year period, the current and future development of five years to make a comprehensive exposition of fundamental policy, compared with previous years, more rich content.

Huang Shouhong says;

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