Our province ordinary high school proficiency exam exam today

2016 year in December the province’s high school proficiency test during December 15th to 18. 59010 candidates in 98 schools in the province, will participate in the examination of politics, Chinese, mathematics, English, history, geography, physics, chemistry, biology, information technology and general ten subjects of section 326430 times in the 32 test 56 test sites.

in order to ensure the smooth implementation of the exam, examination management center in the exam organized the test examination Zhaoban director training will be invited to Xining City Public Security Bureau network security brigade on the prevention of online group cheating (Q Qqun) to give lectures, and in December 2016 the Province ordinary high school proficiency exam examination requirements and operating specifications the training.

during the examination, all the examiners and candidates are not allowed to carry communication tools and prohibited items into the examination room, who manages to increase inspection efforts, and strict invigilation admission candidates, requirements related to high school to arrange teacher to assist students responsible for on-site examination management and examination of prohibited items inventory etc.. City (state), county (District) were selected to do the inspection inspection inspector of the jurisdiction area.


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