Mafang Street Party committee to study and practice the activities of the pilot experience

Mafang Street Party Working Committee in the study and practice activities in the pilot work, to training, research, discussion of emancipating the mind and solve practical problems such as the starting point, efforts to enhance the political party members and cadres of the theoretical quality and work ability, promote comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of street work, and achieved tangible results.

study and practice activities, street party working committee to take focus on learning and self-study combined, learning theory and learning, learning and discussion combining typical focused exchange combined with other ways to achieve the "seven four implementation", namely learning plan, location, data, attendance, records, experience and there are counselors, to ensure the implementation of the learning time, content, personnel, effect. Take the telephone to give lectures, low educational level of Party members take lectures, foreign units party members take the phone to the secondment of older retired members, to ensure that all Party members all participation, learn something.

Street Party committee through the issuance of letters of advice, set up for comments box, the opening of the opinions of the telephone, online solicitation of opinions, to carry out the form of talk and other activities, extensive comments and suggestions. Around the theme of continuing to emancipate the mind, change the style, promote scientific development, the theme of democratic life and Party organizations will be held in a timely manner.

Street Party Working Committee for the hot problem of the masses, taken Jishijiban, teshiteban measures focus on to solve problems; leading cadres and the masses is not liberation, innovation consciousness is not strong enough, starting from the Li Qingsi Road, emancipate the mind, improve the style of work, go all out to solve the long-term implementation of the rectification; the masses of the problem, starting from establishing and perfecting the system, formulate long-term corrective suggestions and specific measures. Amendments to improve the "village (neighborhood) services, financial supervision system" and other rules and regulations, to explore the establishment of a conducive to solve the problem and promote the development of the "agricultural rural regular system" and other rules and regulations.


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