Acting on behalf of the people’s Republic of China’s local tax department also complained to the cit

recently, the reporter found in the city of West Main Street, five crossing area, people often send "× in Xining city to passers-by in the street; × trade limited company" small name card, name card printed with "open all kinds of tax invoices and contact telephone number.

May 22nd, the reporter saw a woman coming from the small to pedestrians on the name card emblazoned with "open, all kinds of tax invoice, commercial, industrial, engineering, installation, maintenance, catering services, transportation, leasing, construction and other formal written or computer invoice.". The reporter through the phone number on the name card in contact with each other after the company was informed that the business can open all kinds of invoices, invoice received generally fee of 1.5% – 2%, if the invoice amount is larger, can also be appropriate preferential. The other party commitment, the invoice issued by the company to ensure that all are true tickets, stamped with the tax authorities invoice special chapter, food and beverage invoices can also be attached to a restaurant, restaurant seal.

for open tax invoices, tax bureau responsible person surnamed Jiang said the administration department, the invoice is the people in the purchase and sale of merchandise, providing or receiving services and receipts to engage in other business activities issued or received. Fill in invoice units and individuals must occur in the business, determine the invoice when business income, not the occurrence of business management is the occurrence of invoices is allowed; invoice business shall not charge fees. Tax authorities as the competent authorities of invoices, has never commissioned any units and individuals on behalf of the invoice, some companies or individuals acting on behalf of the invoice is illegal. The name of the person in charge to remind the general public, those enterprises or individuals on behalf of the invoice is not a formal invoice, but not as a financial reimbursement vouchers, the public must not be fooled. At the same time, once the public found that the phenomenon of illegal enterprises or individuals on behalf of the invoice, you can also reflect the city tax department.


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