Five projects award in Xining outstanding works of the top four

in the recently held in Qinghai Province, the ninth spiritual civilization construction of the "five project" for the forum, I was awarded in the Twelfth National, Qinghai Province, the ninth spiritual civilization construction of the "five project" award winning four works. They are the first local movie "zangke", "summer song song", "story", the old drama song "Salt Lake City love".

"zangke" by the State Administration of radio film produced satellite program production center, Xining municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Huangyuan County, Beijing three Hongmen Culture Communication Co. Ltd. joint shot of Xining’s first local film. The film vividly demonstrated in the early Republic of China shenmingdayi Dan Gar zangke, with their blood and lives to assist the central government delegation led by Zhu Xiu, overcome the difficulties in Tibet and the thirteen Darai talks, completely shattered the external forces are trying to formulate my Tibet independent plot heroic. Is a film to promote the main theme and the promotion of patriotism vivid textbook.

written by Zhang Yonghai, by Liu Qing song "summer song", the distinctive regional characteristics, the language is simple and lively, positive emotion, the world will become popular in the public, the Xining city’s song, becoming the carrier of a city, the views of the public spirit of the city.

by the Xining people’s Broadcasting Station writing and recording radio drama "old story", with the development and changes in the Xining street as the story background, the community workers and ordinary work some real show, reflecting the street people kind, lovely, positive and upward spirit, as well as their Xining Chuangwen "and the" news "to make silently. The kind of story in a relaxed style, showing the beautiful ancient city of Xining charming.

song "love of Salt Lake City," the perfect combination of music and lyrics, eulogize the courage to sacrifice, the courage to sacrifice the spirit of the Qaidam, encourage more people go there to develop and entrepreneurship. The song sounds beautiful, catchy, easy to remember, many provinces and cities broadcast on radio and television, a strong response, rave reviews. (author: Shi Fei)

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