Datong County five measures of innovative talent working mechanism

  in recent years, Datong County adhere to the "science and education" and "talent county" development strategy, take five measures, innovative talent working mechanism, promote the healthy and orderly development of talent, provide strong talent support for promoting the county’s economic and social science development.

broaden channels to build small talent. Adhere to the "where into compulsory, selected from the college graduates in talent. Since 2007, has been the province’s unified recruitment of civil servants 93, at the same time, from 2004 onwards has accumulated to recruit teachers in primary and secondary schools and other institutions of personnel 826. Beginning in 2009, the annual recruitment of students from the college graduates internship positions, a total of 300 recruits. Organizations in the county enterprises to participate in various types of recruitment activities, give full play to the advantages of the Beichuan industrial park location and policy, through the provincial and municipal personnel exchange center to increase the introduction of high-quality talent. In 2011 from Liaoning Beizhen high school education management personnel directly under the Renxian County secondary school principals, to further promote the transformation of the concept of education and teaching.

deepen reform, improve the selection system. Actively promote the reform of the cadre and personnel system. Since 2008, the county issued a meeting of the Standing Committee and plenary session "on the principal party and government leadership candidates to implement voting procedures" system, realize the cadres or "classification" and "difference", nominated "vote" three breakthrough. According to the requirements of the provincial and municipal requirements and the reform of the personnel system in our county, in 2010, in 2012, the county has been open to the public for the selection of the leadership of the 15 section. In October 2011, the "two push the" competitive selection mechanism in the health system of open competition 4 vice president. Deepen the reform of professional titles. In the institution of professional and technical positions of the evaluation of the separation of work, the implementation of the employing system, and constantly improve the professional and technical personnel management system.

strengthen training, improve the quality of personnel. Strengthen the comprehensive training, each year to the county Party school held the main position of cadres, women cadres, cadres and other cadres of the main training courses for more than 16. Strengthen professional training, for the party and government personnel, opened the Beijing Youth Politics College, Beijing municipal Party school and other training bases, the annual section level cadres training class 100 people (Times) above. For the rural practical talents, play county occupation technical school, county agricultural school training base, increase training, the establishment of greenhouse cultivation technology training base in Shandong, Weifang, Shenyang and other places, and has signed a long-term technical guidance letter of intent agreement with Shenyang Agricultural Uinversity. In view of the enterprise management personnel, the annual provincial and municipal economic experts invited lectures on the management personnel of enterprises, has developed in Wenzhou, Qingdao and other areas of private economic management personnel held 3 training courses, management training enterprises 120 (times). For environmental protection personnel, in 2012 in Zhejiang Province opened a new sea salt county Party school training base, held a seminar on environmental protection knowledge. For professional and technical personnel, training and selection of professional backbone as the focus of technical training. Professional and technical personnel to East China Normal University;

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