50 travel agency hand in 48 small and micro Hotel

July 31st, Xining City Tourism Bureau organized the Xining small and micro hotel product procurement, 50 travel agencies, 48 small and micro hotel in the procurement, will through the communication between the two sides finally signed a cooperation agreement more than 500 copies.

will purchase, many travel agency staff have said that to solve the tourist season, tourists have become a top priority for the travel agency, this year Xining city vigorously develop small and micro Hotel, but because the time is not long, and not between the travel agency and the small hotel to achieve in-depth cooperation. At the same time, small and micro hotel has just started, for hotel operators, the opening of the market is the most difficult step.

procurement will be held in less than half an hour, Xining City, 50 travel agencies, 48 small and micro Hotel 500 signed cooperation agreements. 48 small and micro hotel rooms available for rent 1391, the new bed of 3090, will further ease the difficult problem of accommodation. Xining City Tourism Bureau Liu Haiyun suggested that the current small hotel most practitioners have not engaged in the hotel work, business skills and service level is uneven, small hotels should speed up the management and training of employees, and for more travel agencies to establish a cooperative relationship. (author: Ma Rong)

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