Eight aspects of the province’s industrial restructuring and development

9 month 7 days, the reporter learned from the provincial Commission by letter, to make our province the supply side structural reform, through setting up typical experiences and actual effects, launched a comprehensive supply side structural reform "project 1513" and "4322" industrial engineering, to steady growth, and supply, adjust the structure to the way industrial, and state-owned economy showed a favorable momentum of steady growth, new progress has been made in the reform of state-owned enterprises, the strong support of the province’s tax income and the development of people’s livelihood.

industry to maintain steady growth through the chip package contact point measures, in-depth focus on the city, parks, enterprises, coordinate the implementation of the provincial government on ferrosilicon industry "price" steady growth measures, carry out the "thousands of thousands of enterprises to help dry", "one to one" one policy helping enterprises pay close attention to together, the province’s industrial withstand the downward pressure on the economy, 1-7 months of above scale industrial year-on-year growth of 7.5%, 1.5 percentage points higher than the national growth rate, ranking fourteenth in the country, the five northwestern provinces of the first, the growth rate of better than expected, the overall smooth operation.

innovation driven stable investment to start the implementation of the "100 crucial innovation" and "100 upgrade" project, strive for the national special construction funds 3 billion 760 million yuan, arrange technical innovation subsidies, project funds 40 million yuan to support the construction of the project. Up to now, 100 innovative projects to restart the task of the 78, the transformation of the project of the transformation of the 100 companies to work for the second time, 1-7 months to complete the general industrial investment of 41 billion 770 million yuan, down by 0.5%. In particular, new materials, Saline Lake chemical industry, biological industry investment grew 58%, respectively, 94% and 44%, coal chemical industry, steel and other industries fell significantly.

optimization of solid progress and strong innovation on the steady implementation of technological transformation, to the end of 7 achieved a total of 16 scientific and technological achievements and more than 50 patents, the new application and acceptance of 10 invention patents. To achieve the results of the production capacity, reduce costs have also played a combination of boxing, through the implementation of tax relief and electricity, transportation, gas, finance and other policy measures, 1-7 months to reduce the cost of 2 billion 610 million yuan for enterprises.

investment effectiveness supervision departments and municipalities, park to strengthen the project tracking service, to the end of July, 2016 Green Fair signing project has started 181, 14 billion 640 million yuan of funds in place, the Qinghai University science and Technology Park, power battery with major projects progressing smoothly and high-grade electrolytic copper foil.

energy-saving carbon reduction achieved remarkable results in "12th Five-Year" energy saving and carbon reduction targets, the energy-saving public institutions successfully passed the national assessment, the province’s carbon emissions trading market in an orderly way, energy-saving incentive funds 28 million yuan to support enterprise energy and water saving, comprehensive utilization of resources, technological transformation and the comprehensive utilization of industrial solid waste, promote the development of energy-saving environmental protection industry. In the first half, the whole social unit GDP energy consumption fell by 8.57%, while 1-7 months above scale industrial units increased energy consumption fell by 7.5%.

integration of the two bright scene to promote the "Internet plus" industrial integration of innovation and development, arrange 42 million 650 thousand yuan of special information service;

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