City Construction Bureau of urban and rural planning to become builders of people’s satisfaction in

as the builders of the city, in Xining "chuangxianzhengyou" warm atmosphere construction in Xining city planning and Construction Bureau from their responsibility of making such a commitment – do Huimin engineering, to become the people’s satisfaction with the city builders!


Xining city chuangxianzhengyou activities, Xining city planning and construction bureau closely around "to be loyal to the party guard, promote the development of the" urban construction practice carrier, adhere to the "focus chuangxianzhengyou" activities on the service development, service layer, the service of the masses, to to solve the people most concerned about, the most direct and most practical problems as the starting point, pay close attention to the rural housing, reward energy-saving and urban construction projects for the tangible things out. According to "the implementation of the construction of rural housing in Xining City Award Program" requirements, timely and comprehensive start construction, rural housing reward at present, the city has started construction of 21 new central villages renovation site farmers have completed the pre preparation work started renovation, completed 19700 rural housing construction task reward years of; conservation of salt area, Haoning Zhuang Xiao Qu, completed 200 thousand square meters of energy-saving task within a year. At the same time, the Council seriously grasp the urban construction for the people of practical projects, at present, the southern section of Ledu Road, Xining, the northern part of the road construction project has been started, the road will be opened in the year and Bayi Road, Nanshan Road, Ledu. At present, South Gate Street, Bridge Street, the northern section of the Lake District, Republic of two 6 road into the power line project is to do the preparations for the construction; 71 Road 10 city main road lamp lighting project has completed the program.

at the same time, pay close attention to the construction of key projects of the Council, great efforts to grasp the comprehensive renovation project to train station, the timely completion of the planning and design, demolition survey, project financing, funds for research and preparatory work, review the project has officially started. Four city entrance environmental remediation projects on the basis of the work plan, has completed the entrance renovation project planning and project construction work, demolition, the entrance of illegal construction garbage removal, replacement and other outdoor door unified work is in an orderly manner. North of the central square transformation project investigation work has been completed, at present, is on the planning and design of the publicity, solicit public opinion; the Yellow River Road, 71 Road, Jiefang Road, Lane 6 Hanison city landscape road reconstruction project has also been started.


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