The real case demonstrates the use of the old domain site of the Shanghai dragon advantage


domain name age: 6 years.


, don’t change the subject under the condition of using the old domain name site.

usage: before 6 years have been a metal materials enterprise website, but do not know why this site do not do, do not want to renew. When you want to delete at the end of the day, we will buy the domain name. After the transfer, the station made a baby eczema garbage station. We do this station is for the purpose of testing, so it didn’t have to optimize.

After The domain name Case: www.lykeyun贵族宝贝

usage: 5 and a half years before the domain name, but has been suspended for 3 years, before is a tourist site.

many learned Shanghai Longfeng people know, use the old domain to site may play a multiplier effect. However, at the same time, we also know that modify the title of the site will make the site right down. So, how to choose between the two? Here I use two examples to illustrate the advantages.


to note here is that before this, in addition to the first Links, the other I did not exchange any Links, also not released outside the chain, and these words although the index is not much, but tourism is very competitive keywords we all know.

domain name age: 5 and a half years.

website online, three days is not included, three days almost the modification of things, the things are filled up, so I love Shanghai and submit sitemap to Google, and find a friend to travel website, I hung up Links. The morning of the fourth day, love Shanghai and Google also included, PR rose to 3, and Google has been ranked. A week later, love Shanghai daily updated snapshot, release the basic things of the day included individual keywords have ranking.

Case: www.wjmtrip贵族宝贝

is a friend of your own domain name registered by the end of 06, after nearly 3 years, are doing tourism websites, website space to stop a renewal time of 09 years, but still retains the domain name. I took it also gave him a tourist site, said at the time to change the domain name, I refused to do, insist on the use of the domain name, found that I was right.

After the Two,



got the website, we spend an evening will be the site to build up, and then submitted to sitemap and Google love Shanghai. The second day, love Shanghai and Google released the previous snapshot. The third day, Shanghai began to love snapshot update, and website content every day. But because our content completely collected, so included later part of the paper.

is the establishment of the old domain name to the site.

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