The new rules included Shanghai for love

then the site collection >

The two stage: the content of



The establishment of

new station included a stable increase, is possible, but on the site after the establishment of the sixth months after the website included quantity began Pujiang, two website at the same time in Shanghai love a big update included in the reduced 70%-80%, surprised, began the internal self review website, this time the content of the website published not to be included, as long as the data is collected, it is to let a person decadent.

railway station will be the love interest of Shanghai, the author thinks that included and not included and the domain name suffix we say does not have any relationship, mainly in Shanghai and love the concern and the way, if the new station was established from the other high weight site chain construction, it will reduce the new sites included time. The website in the on-line in high weight on the website of the chain, so in the website after 24 hours was collected, another has been the construction of the chain site, 3 days are also included. Not included in the two journals, through the collection of high weight of the site remained unchanged until a week later began to rise slowly, and no construction site outside the chain site included began to be included in the web page, but also in a few days by a large number of delete pages.

three stage: site acceptance stage (10-12 months)

I hand the website belongs to industry portal, is a traditional B2B portal website, and those web portal portal and nature on the nature of the information flow type is different, so the experience of the author and other webmaster experience different, I believe that love for new sites included sea thinking is divided into three stages:

The establishment of crackdown

two site in half a month after their love in Shanghai began to slow growth, the two number included in the slow stage included consistent, two site operation are basically the same, including new content frequency.

stage: slow included stage (1-6 months)

was dropped in the content, the author makes a website containing "interior modulation, enhance the signal-to-noise ratio, increase the chain correlation, add a single page content relevance, modify the time in about two months or so, at this time the site has been included a small reduction in state.

Chinese website any need to love Shanghai seriously, although Baidu always have a holiday habits, but the domestic situation is now all owners cannot do without the search environment, so love Shanghai for the website included, especially in the railway station, let each station long to sigh, Baidu fathom through, see through the Internet environment, the development can not keep up the pace of the novice webmaster will decide on what path to follow, following the author do a hand on their own experience to share some website for more than a year of industry portal.


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