How to write a soft Wen to let the audience

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traditional hard wide push gradually lose the advantage, but soft wide "influence" is prominent gradually: from the perspective of audience initiative audience passively into conflict, to thrust force.

here, this is a reader to see light suddenly, "Cadillac" ads, but inadvertently also received the "Cadillac is the winner in life with good taste choice" appeal.

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look at another Gu Ye "Queen" soft, "Napoleon was crowned by the beginning of the article described in the picture" logic errors led to Napoleon’s Queen’s head crown: the origins of Napoleon to please the goddess, ordered the Royal artisans, duo special jewelry. This is used to CHAUMET jewelry brand origin.

marketing guru Ferriz said: "to the customer’s nature." They often took the leaflets because of sympathy advertising, then look casually thrown into the trash; the first thing they open a web page is to turn off the pop ads; they gave birth to the TB video website account business, buy a variety of video website VIP account in order to skip 60s advertisement. So whether it is exposed to the hard wide leaflets or network promotion, the audience in the first instant instinct or conflict and rejection.


article did not describe the brand information to long-drawn and tedious documents, but only in the last 1/10 pages really mentioned brand information. "Soft" is "soft", its subtlety lies in the large space not clearly mentioned in the product information. Not immediately as if mosquitoes suck blood, but will slowly let the animal feel comfortable anesthesia before taking action. A lot of space in front at first glance seems to look the other way, but in fact it is struggling to convince the audience imperceptibly in.

1. "snake Huwei" mode, avoid.

in her life is full of "Easy mode" soft, "" pomegranate woman start from "face actress Reese Witherspoon" at the age of 7 ad, Reese career at the age of 15 won the "Best Artist Award", entered the Stanford University to study English literature, and later became the Oscar and Golden Globe winning actress. Life, Reese and rich handsome brokers, have three children, one family seem enjoyable. The dress, Reese also erudite, looks are capable. The first 4/5 pages, "" pomegranate woman in evidence of a proof that Reese is Hollywood life. However, the next woman wrote: pomegranate The path winds along mountain ridges.,

how to write and let the audience go like hunger and thirst to soft? We look at WeChat public account "pomegranate woman report" and "Gu Ye wen.

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