To improve the user experience of the site of care

maybe many webmaster would say do not know what the user wants to know, understand, you don’t mind how users will know what users want? Then how, as a webmaster, every day you need to open the number of sites, browse many pages, believe that every webmaster every day in dealing with the site. When you visit the site, they will often pay attention to what, what is the most attractive to his eye, come to this website and want to get what? If you want to understand these problems, I believe you also have a preliminary understanding to the needs of users, know what they want? In fact, he is a true real users to enter the site, why not others mood to enter their own website, consider the user needed to really stand in the user’s point of view, to understand the user’s psychology.


website user experience of search engine is more and more attention, after all, the search engine service to users, users to search out if Apple is banana, the user will certainly change the search engine, therefore, the search engine with the webmaster attention to user experience, it will also become a website search engine evaluation of quality standards, directly determines the site’s ranking, therefore, attaches great importance to the webmaster website user experience, the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis team talk to improve the user experience of the site of care should pay attention to what:

content is king is the fundamental development sites, without good content, page design more beautiful, the user came in could not find the required content also will immediately turn off the flash, this is a normal phenomenon, if you are a user, he wanted to see how Taobao store content is how to improve the results in baby ranking of the article, although the article you share are dry cargo, quality is very high, but it is not required by the user, then this article is not the real quality of good articles, the needs of users, users love, also is the search engine spiders love, this is true >

don’t let advertising xuanbin away from

to the identity of the user browsing your site

website user experience this problem we have different views, but if you are a user enter a web site, I believe it will not be willing to see a substantial advertising, text hiding in a small corner, if you do not look carefully not to look at the position, the user experience is poor, but but there are many webmaster knowingly violate this is, It’s only human., I believe that many webmaster do not simply for the fun and interest, more is to make money, therefore, advertising on the site is not, this is the main mode of some small and medium-sized website profit, in the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon.Admin5贵族宝贝/topic- Shanghai dragon.Html) to say, put some advertising does not matter, but must pay attention to the location of the advertisement and the length, can make ads occupy a large page, Xuan The Lord took penn.

really useful to the user

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