How to analyze a website from the perspective of Shanghai Dragon 3

, we need to look at the details page:

, is your title and your content is all about a


Such as:

there are 10 dominant needs of Shanghai Longfeng paper

title is obviously about Shanghai dragon, and >

as long as you learn to analyze the site from Shanghai dragon angle, unreasonable can find out the site, to be amended, let website ranking rise, this is as a Shanghai Longfeng practitioners have pursued.

, from the point of view of a website in Shanghai dragon series the last one,



4, and the core concern, whether

page titleA


can be introduced to put this picture of a word can be on the inside, can bring the core keywords take.

all the pictures you want to add the ALT tag to show this picture means, but never here accumulation keywords, cheating will be deducted from the credit agreement.

"how to analyze a site from the perspective of Shanghai Dragon (2)"

page title is very important, here is to look at the title is whether the user at the core of long tail keyword search, there is no explicit demand and invisible demand express.


"how to analyze a site from the perspective of Shanghai Dragon (1)"

The diagnosis of

Next we’re going to

in 2017 to see most of the 10 Shanghai dragon article, oh surprise!

.For example,

, we can refer to the experience of Shanghai love of the article, it is not only because the ranking is good, feel love is Shanghai’s own products, but it is really good reading experience.

details page is the most important user landing pages, it carries the core of all information, the user wants to solve the problem, you must access details page to find the answer.

for example, the content has no picture Mao, most people love to see pictures, and do not love to see dense text, what is your own words, love to see whether.

Today is the

if you haven’t seen any of the previous two articles, please read this article in view of

eight, detail page

user experience optimization

details page user experience is of course is for reading.

only from the microscopic point of view to grasp the user’s psychology, can let the user delight.

The so-called The

stealth demand is that you, the only dry cargo, and you surprise there.

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