Love Shanghai updated DOMAN website snapshot is on the front page of the reason


server stability is an important factor of website operation and the development of infrastructure. If the server is not meeting cause love Shanghai search engine spiders can not visit the site. We can be sure that the web server is really important. But a small part of the site is open, right down the reason is not in it.

2, temporary right down the problem.

3, the stability of the server is a commonplace talk of an old scholar problem.

small series now in prayer, I hope my website is the case. Before the emergence of this situation on my website, I also see a dozen article, this situation is there, but the probability is relatively small.

this morning, small check their website ranking, a look surprised, rankings are not, although said Thursday love Shanghai update, but why such a big change, has been small the site situation is relatively stable, the chain is also included in the sustained growth. When the morning check suddenly found the site from May 21st to May 16th the snapshot of how the snapshot problem? I feel that the website is certainly a problem, did not think the phrase, miserable Friday. Site website to see the site in home page, but domain was not home. Shanghai love crazy

4, site >

small by today’s main lessons learned a lot, right down the reason that several major aspects of

1, the website of the chain is too poor and too single.

small final site is down right in to ask a lot of senior webmaster after. To see whether it is right to drop, check the chain is obvious features. Generally speaking, the website chain increase and decrease is more common to the situation, but Xiao Bian told, or if the site outside the chain in a period of time is too large, the website ranking weight will be greatly affected.

The quality of The

Shanghai Longfeng there for two years, the hands of the resource department says that at least more than 100 of hundreds of effective resources can really use. New Adsense website in the chain, the focus is on quantity rather than quality. As everyone knows, Shanghai love attention is indeed the quality of the website chain, a high quality the chain of value than those a lot of junk the chain most. Here, Xiao Bian give advice: webmaster do website chain need to pay attention to quality, not only pay attention to the number of problems. The more junk the chain is also not a high weight forum to do outside the chain, the chain of garbage is too large not only on the site without any help, but also to a search engine to the chain and the chain of feeling.

love Shanghai updated DOMAIN website snapshot in the front page of the reason caused by site is down right there are many, such as the site outside the chain surge anticlimax. Small site outside the chain from yesterday’s 7900 to 4070 today, but small series or luck, see site, site found that the site is also home.

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