shlf1314 advertising ranking new algorithm quality will play a more important roleFirst video who i

shlf1314 ad quality scores algorithm has been the latest changes. This will affect the sponsor rankings of search results pages.



what is pornography, the erotic content they define?.

got your money and asked for your questions. "A verdict of guilt!". Suppose you’re guilty, and come back to you,



the graph comes from the page everyone can also go and see, I won’t change it.

users: all groups friends

countries have never been allowed to do medical ads, so what did the first video do? Let’s look at figure

attached our dialogue record below..

message group: stranger 1015

because I made the first video in Admin5, you black how many webmaster a text, as the first video person in charge of water find me, here is our dialogue, everybody a look,

this picture is the evidence of the reservation he made on my website,

maybe people have already seen it. Generally speaking, any good location i.e. higher position advertisement will have higher click rate than low position advertisement. This is because high ads are easier for searchers to see. In order to calculate the most accurate mass fraction, the location factor should be taken into account, and the influence factor will be eliminated. shlf1314’s new algorithm eliminates the impact of ad sites on click through rates. According to shlf1314’s official blog, the change will ensure "fair competition" based on quality and bid. And shlf1314 will be able to show the most relevant ads related to search, and give better feedback to high-quality advertisers."


message object: water true 269964614




according to the graph above you in the end is to look at the water really is to solve the problem is to find fault? Is not malicious

another change is an added emphasis on quality. To display at the top of the search results page, the ad must satisfy the quality threshold. In the past, if the highest ranking ads did not meet the requirements, then there would be no advertising displayed on the search results. But the latest algorithm allows ads that satisfy the threshold of quality to be displayed on search results, even across other advertising. For example, if the right of the search results page first advertising, quality is not high enough, but the second ads meet the quality point, then the second ads will be able to skip the first ad, displayed in search results. This change means that the quality will play a more important role in deciding which advertisements will take the prominent position. But some in the industry believe that this practice allows shlf1314 to show more advertising, thereby enhancing the company’s revenue.

message type: chat log

because of the above 2 pictures, we have been positioned as pornographic sites. Well, I also cut VODone on the map, we see which should be defined as pornographic sites





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