The HTML page code optimization the most detailed knowledge

optimization, are based on the framework, data analysis, user experience, and ignore the most basic HTML based code optimization, design optimization to share today rattan experience since the site (because the working relationship has less focus on the optimization and promotion of rattan design awards but for optimization we still have study:


title is one of the most important core information transfer label, whether it is love Shanghai, 360, Sogou, noble baby or other search engines, will according to the label output information to analyze the content of the website, so the information must want to transmit information and content should be relatively often many of my friends to do the title of the party, does not match the information and content of the title, this often causes K (legendary punishment, right down, pulled into the blacklist).

first need to emphasize that a website each page can have only one, and is located within the tag. The specific form of long tail keywords and how to write the title, we divided the next fine, but this is mainly for HTML and conventional knowledge tutorial, so not in detail.

here, we are going to talk about the application of the H1 tag is very important, in fact, H1 tags and title tags also apply for H1, and a label page also can appear only once, because the H1 tag will emphasize the processing of information, an important content of the search engine will directly capture the label, but also to the title tag the search engine, are analyzed according to H1 information, whether the output label website content. So the H1 tag of a website each page can appear only once, that someone said, I have a number of labels is not good, I tell the search engines, I have multiple keywords, which is more conducive to search, in fact, if you really do that, on the contrary, but let the search engine directly to the confusion. This page is regarded as invalid (non core) common page processing.



The importance of a title:


img image tag, although the search engine technology has been well developed, but I’m sorry is the search engine still can not directly read the picture information in your pictures can not directly tell the user is displaying the beauty or handsome, or a beautiful scenery. Some people may say that I’m in love, you see a Shanghai search keywords, there will be corresponding to the picture is displayed, and from other sites, this is not you say rattan design. Here, you must correct the vine design this topic, in fact, these are love Shanghai search to the labels are after code optimization before, if you see the details, you can see the map code are alt=" " tag, if your pictures don’t have this label, then to search the engine actually is meaningless, because he.

, We often talk about


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