Links exchange two domain crime


Links is a high quality link before I wrote the article "do the following ten points is one of the factors Links the essence of" seemingly not the domain name? A page ranking, a snapshot of the first page, why not update the inside pages can change every day link? It seems 58 and some classified information have contacted you? Sadly many people do not see the Links. Here a burst of material, I stand still while PR, but domain at home is not in the first place, the funny thing is there are a lot of people ask me for Links.

for an example of xxx.123贵族宝贝 that the most common form of the domain name, he is a sub domain under the 123贵族宝贝. 123贵族宝贝/ / Shanghai dragon is a page. There is a lot of Shanghai dragon er my website cn.*** as a page is really funny. Obviously within the page in the root directory under the internal structure of a web site, and the two level domain is an integral domain, the difference between

In fact, the have? million!

said the two level domain name like org domain name weight low weight high as ridiculous

parrot and judge

said the truth I didn’t come here.

two level domain name has never been guilty of any person, like the Indians without sin as anyone! Of course, the biggest sin is Links sin! I asked why not many people for they could not answer, it is not for you to answer. The other person is too much

just started Shanghai dragon to optimize the time domain weight many people advocate of Org is very high, which caused a trend many people are using the domain name org but after that but such as is, the domain name org is really better than other domain name weight high? Why are not ranked in front of the same weight of Org? Two level domain why low? Why Shanghai dragon why forum can be routed to the front most of a domain name? There are a lot of people say is not the same, what is different? Why is everyone two domain name or

two level domain and the difference of

Links sad

Links may be the most important part in optimization, especially in the chain is difficult to do today, your company’s most important part to Links specialist is not what you can rest assured. As the two level domain name, Shanghai K station was in love do not look for their own reasons, is only a parrot! But I tell you a lot of people are being related. This is my judgment of the truth! You Links so much if you stand by K is not k strange, what the original content website quality is what nonsense! Why don’t you look

! ?

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