K two patrol webmaster and how to reflect the love of Shanghai

to talk about their website of pupil composition network, although this was not in love with the sea K station, but was collected by a certain influence, as follows:

to get rid of dependence on the love of Shanghai, the formation of diverse traffic sources themselves. To tell the truth in love when I learned that Shanghai continuously updated, I thought not how honestly do, but to get rid of the shackles of love Shanghai as soon as possible. Since the end of June to the July, I feel nervous every day in tight, not a day do not want to own site, afraid of his own website which day is K what is not left. In fact, think of love, now Shanghai has become China fully deserve the engine overlord, my site of 80 percent of the traffic comes from its contribution, and it is of serious dependent development makes me feel website there are too many uncertainties. Before seen a writer, is about Lu Songsong’s blog has experienced love Shanghai drop right, included reduced, but Lu Songsong’s blog and no interference to love Shanghai and lose development ability, cause obviously, Lou loose as the Internet industry comparison of well-known blogger, has a lot of loyal readers I like this, subscribe to his blog is not a few, and the flow of the source of all direct hits, and not through the love of Shanghai search, so from this perspective, it is of vital importance to strengthen the direct contact between users and websites.

The reflection of

fortunately, his website after this week’s efforts included, but returned to normal. But the two station K update event or stimulate myself, after all, between friends to return to the liberation of the case is too much, a lot of people are a little K left, even have the opportunity to stage a comeback, happen to me if it should, I even do estimation have had the courage to. So take advantage of this event, you should take precautions, reflection, lest the tragedy is yourself.

we always say website content must be original, to consider the user experience and so on, in fact, these problems that is formed between the user understanding, to achieve the effect of brand promotion, or a way of our own word-of-mouth marketing, what we want is the user recognition, so we also understand the problem. You know how to do the next step, or that my own website for example, as do is to read the primary school composition >

China have a proverb called three drinks, say that you had been drinking much, have to talk business, no business, should also be scattered. Then this idiom means extended over the love of Shanghai, a big update event has lasted from 6.28 to 7.13, and continue the trend, so we can get inspiration from the station event what a wide range of these two times a word can not let K? Our website will be in love with gross altitude.

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