Can search engine and make friends is the essence of Shanghai Dragon

I want to contact the Internet as long as people know what is the meaning of Shanghai dragon, but many people do not think Shanghai dragon is a how technical work, think it is a tedious, boring, tasteless, bitter occupation, today I want to express is you as long as you really get to know Shanghai Dragon, will not have the idea that.

We want to put the

home page attitude, I think a lot of people are not careful to read "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide Shanghai dragon white paper", do not think this is not used, you must first put the rules of the industry to find out what industry, home only in the industry, Shanghai dragon is a what occupation in China, he is a Shanghai food industry by love, you know Shanghai and live by love the industry, you need to establish a friendly environment with him, you can’t easily said here, many people will ask, how to love and Shanghai in a friendly environment that I? Here are a few points, help novice Shanghai dragon pointing, say not good, please forgive me.

if you are already a Shanghai dragon Er, may be a station will send the chain (… Shanghai dragon may feel just outside the chain), here I want to remind you that in the first three months, the key is to put on your site’s content is the most important. Remember, in.


many people think that as long as the chain with the Shanghai dragon, all words can be ranked, I want to say: "feel shy, you’re wrong." people often say that the level decides your achievement, is the truth, you may find only a hair of the chain can be made into a ranking, regardless of the other due to factors, your ranking fluctuated, but also can do the top are some words with lower index.

if you do Shanghai, there will definitely be a station of its own, or is the first station, we fundamentally speaking, the source of problems, many people think Shanghai dragon is the establishment of the station before the thing, it is not necessary to study Shanghai dragon ah, actually otherwise choose a way to source is Shanghai dragon, at first I believe the first station, always want to look good to the page, then select a gorgeous, beautiful source, and then constructed a step by step, that is from beginning to end only included the home page, so I was very confusing, and I was on the Internet to ask the Internet friends here to thank the A5 webmaster in A5 network, because I know a lot of grassroots webmaster friends, let my circle became more widely, subsequent knowledge in several big brother’s teachings, has increased. I finally learned to choose the source page although good-looking but mostly JS, know Shanghai Longfeng people know that the proportion of JS in too many pages can not be, because he will make your pages load too slowly, which leads to the search engine to feel your website too tired, they simply do not have access. Here to remind is as far as possible the use of pseudo static pages.


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