Site optimization should have their own unique way of thinking and habits

second, dynamic search engines have to pay close attention to. We know that we face is the root of the site optimization search engine. Since the optimization to search engine optimization for myself to have a thorough understanding of love in the Shanghai search engine as an example, love Shanghai constantly improve the user experience of the website weight score, so we only have the flow, not only in content to the original, but also to do is to serve the needs of users, in addition, some of the core algorithm, the algorithm of Mars pomegranate algorithm based in Shanghai for what is love and purpose, we should make it clear, understand each other’s requirements can be very good to avoid in the process of optimized website, understand the search engine based on rules is very necessary.

first, the first thing to do is to continue to expand their knowledge. This point is the basis, whether it is new or veteran, accumulation of our website optimization is the key resources, resources mainly includes two aspects: one is the awareness of thinking, one is the accumulation of resources in their hands extrapolation, consciousness of ascension is not a short duration of time, the long-term practice and the implementation of it, we can increase the optimization of their knowledge base through learning, reading, sharing, and push resources include resources effectively in the hands of the continuous mining, such as the registered third party many high weight forum, classified information platform, blog etc.. These two kinds of thinking dimensions and material accumulation will let us in the way of the optimization of automatics.

as everyone knows, website optimization process, we must continue to establish an optimization of their own ideas, so this approach might be to find their own way out, can also be in accordance with some industry standards with their own execution and ultimately achieve the purpose of optimization, the optimization process of the method is very important, the author in the the optimization process is often some small research methods and strategies to improve the efficiency of the optimization of their own, some optimization ideas of my own here and talk about.

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third, learning not blindly to selective. Dongshixiaopin everyone knew the story, but this kind of people in real life, especially a lot of newcomers meet the eye everywhere, optimization, reference and imitation of others is a kind of learning method, but we do not blindly, in the process of learning should be Quweicunzhen, multi analysis and their industry related to the same site, analysis of their content and user experience is how do the chain construction is how to publish, and should not be zhaodanquanshou. Try to optimize the selectivity mainly lies in the details of each other in your own details and think a good way we borrowed to try, such as other articles if are pictures released, then, whether we can also supplement their articles in the creative process some pictures or video show? Each other in the construction of the chain in addition to the general the forum or blog, there are details that we have not noticed, what is the release of place and time, these details are key elements worth digging.

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